Here you will find what we have to offer in our classes.

We have from beginners wire wrapping to stringing beads, basic beading, peyote, brick stitch, and much more.

Any class can be customize for private one on one or a group of people.

Please understand that in class we only offer copper and or brass wire for all class projects. (not silver or gold)

All classes are $40.00 per person.

We provide all the materials for the class, so you will go home with a finished product.

If you have any tools, please bring them, if you don't we do have shop tools to use.

most classes take about 4 hours, given size of class and project.

  • Beginners Wire Wrap Cabochons

  • Navajo Weave

  • Bead Embroidery

  • My Every Day Bracelet

  • Viking Weave

  • Scrape Metal Bracelet

  • Beginners Bling

  • One Wire Bezel

  • My Hopie Angels

  • Beginners Basic Beading

  • Peyote Tube